Different Swimming Pool Enclosure Options

Different Swimming Pool Enclosure Options

If you ask people who own a swimming pool about the problem faced by them they will simply say that they are not able to use them throughout the year. The main reason for this is the weather, as in winter season pool water is very chilled that it is not suitable for swimming.

Other things that bother a pool owner are:

  •    keeping the pool clean
  •    In case the pool water is heated then how the heating cost can be minimized.

The solution for the above-mentioned problem is making a use of pool covers. There are various options related to pool cover available in the variety of form. Some pool covers are such that they offer sufficient space which will help you to swim beneath it.

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Swimming pool enclosure usually differs in covers and course of the area protected through it. This enclosure ranges from pool cover and solar heater to floating solar rings.

What are the three main options that you get in swimming pool enclosures?

The first one is a temporary inflatable cover that can be easily erected during use and can be removed easily afterward.

This type of pool cover is known as pool dome that is secured around the area of the pool.  Even a convection heater can be used to pump warm water into the dome. This heater is been used in cooler days when the water is quite chilled.


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The next type of enclosure is the telescopic pool enclosure. The main feature of this enclosure is that they are metal framed with security glass. They are best suited one during spring or summer day. These enclosures have a motor and remote operation. You can check here more about the swimming pool enclosure.

The last option is the pool house. This is the best option and gives you the opportunity to swim throughout the year.