All About Gold Coast Theme Park

Among the most beautiful coastal cities in Australia, the Gold Coast is located in the Queensland state. It is one of the most popular and high profile tourist destinations in Australia.  If you’re a beach loving person then the gold coast is going to be your ideal escape as this place has miles of shoreline and terrific surfing action.

The Gold Coast is all about beaches and has 40 km coastline that is composed of 30 beaches where you can sunbathe and swim too. However, the best location in all Gold Coast is the surfer’s paradise and to know the best time to visit then explore this site:

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Below mentioned are some parts of Gold Coast that you must cover while visiting this theme park:

Dream World:  Dreamworld is considered as one of the biggest theme park and is exploding with happiness having more than 50 rides and attractions that will be comfortable for all ages, from kids to thrill seekers and beyond. This theme park is famous for its fastest and the thrilling rides in the nation, rides such as Tailspin, river rapid and many more. You should take gold coast theme park packages before visiting there in order to enjoy the day comfortably.

Families that are visiting with their children will enjoy time rides such as Wiggles World and has many featuring lands such as Madagascar Madness, Shrek’s Faire Faire Off and Kung Fu Panda which is situated next to Dreamworld and White Water World is a water paradise with the most popular waterslides on Earth.

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White Water World: In this Theme Park you will experience the various thrilling rides such as the Green Room, The Rip, Blue Ringed Octopus, Super Tubes Hydro Coaster and many more. If you are travelling with your children then your children will love the Cave of Waves, riding ominous slides in the Temple of Huey and running rampant in Pipeline Plunge and many water activities.