How To Hang Wall Art In Your Living Room?

No living room is complete without art. Having said that, what one person considers art can vary drastically from another. What most people can agree on is that no room is complete without something on the walls.

Wall Art does not need to be expensive. You can decorate your walls for very little money if you think creatively. When it comes to living rooms, people love to hang artwork online in Australia over the sofa. But the number one mistake people make to use a piece that is so small. The piece of the wall art should be two-thirds the width of the sofa. 

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In this article, we will discuss how to hang wall art in your living room in great detail.

  • Hang art at an eye level

Most people have a tendency to hang artwork too high. However, it is advised to place your wall art at an eye-level so that it creates balance in the home because all art will share visual midlines.

  • Balance the scales

If you are working with the collection of wall art prints of Australia, it is important that collection or gallery as one piece to achieve a balanced look. First, make sure your collection is neither too large nor too small in relation to the sofa or sideboard. 

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  • Don’t shy from salon style

The salon-style look for wall art could be one of the most adored and admired features of a space. The arrangement should really be to your personal likings.

  • Be off the walls

Don’t have the time or patience for a salon-style gallery wall? Design differently and place wall art in unexpected places. Don’t limit yourself to walls. Floating wall shelves are the new gallery wall. Try layering multiple pieces for an interesting and multidimensional approach.

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  •  Find the shape of the wall

Another common mistake that people do is placing an art piece in just a small space. Big art can be an intimidating buy but generally, the art you hang should be the same space and orientation as the wall so that it is trying to fill the space.

Don’t neglect the frame when thinking about your wall art. Whether you go modern with monochromatic frames or you mix and march different vintage-style frames, your framing can bring just as much style and personality to space as the artwork itself.  Check out here to learn how a living room can be renovated by wall art in great detail.