Russian Visa- Things You Need To Know

Before you go on your vacations to explore the historic places of St. Petersburg and enjoy the life of the bustling roads of Moscow, you will need to obtain a tourist visa for Russia. When you are looking to acquire Russia visas for your family, you need to keep some things in your mind:

  1. Visa Support Voucher

Russia has for years now expected both tourists and business migrants to obtain a visa support voucher.

It means that in order to get approved for visa application,, the government of Russia first needs to verify that someone in Russia has got a visa support voucher for you. Therefore, if you are traveling with a tour group, contact best Russia hotels and ask them to give you the voucher.

However, if you are not staying with a friend or family member residing there then your connection will have to obtain the tourist voucher Russia for you from the Russian Foreign Ministry. You can even pay a visa service with the foreign ministry to get the voucher invitation for yourself.

  1. Have a detailed application

It is always advised not to be misunderstood or leave required fields blank when you are filling out the visa application for Russia. The agency looking over your application might get suspicious if they feel that something is missing. To avoid such problems, fill out your full permanent address and contact details of your multitude in Russia.

Despite this, if you have a military background, go into detail on the next page of the application about your background, skills and time spent on active duty. Find more here the top 10 Moscow travel tips.

  1. Get to the consulate early

You don’t have to fret about this when you have hired a visa service to manage the application process for you. However, if you are applying for it in person, get there early when they open in the morning.

Follow these things to get a Visa for Russia.