Choosing a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) for Beginners

There are plenty of gossips concerning about the best Stand up paddle board for beginners. For any individual, just joining the adventure of paddle boarding itself depends on one major thing that is ‘staying on the board’.

If you can’t be static on the paddle board as a beginner then you may not have a good experience and you may try to give it up. Below are some important tips beginners need to follow while trying out one of the best custom surfboards and paddleboards:

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  1. Stability:

Staying on the paddleboard is important to have a great adventurous experience. There are some factors that are related to the stability of sup paddle board and one of them is the length and this is the main reason why there is no genuine answer for the correct board for beginners.

A new beginner can have a great time with paddle boards that range as 10’6’’ long and 30’’ wide and 4” thick.

Stability is just a common factor of sup paddle board which states that for how much time you as a beginner can stand up straight on the board and also the amount of floatation paddle board has with the human body.

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  1. The weight of the paddle board:

The load and the weight of the board is a significant factor to consider. If you are unable to lift the board then there is the possibility that you are not going to take it down in the river often. If the weight of the board is a problem then choose a small paddle board or an inflatable sup board.

The adventurous industry has some great amount of advancement within the market of inflatable SUP boards where there are various boards available which have different features for a great price and are portable.

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However, make sure you choose a specific weight of the board by looking through the reviews on sup boards to have a great and adventurous experience.