Best White Wines for Red Wine Drinkers


It’s the perfect time of the year when your barbeque is sizzling; lounge chair is stretched out and on the verge of a refreshing wine. However, during warm weather, a bottle or glass of red wine can be tough to swallow. But there’s a solution to everything and that is switching over to white wine instead of the red. If you’re living in a warm region and still wish to have a good wine, then switch over to white compared to red.

  • Chardonnay instead of Pinot Noir – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grows together and stays together. Wine lovers who prefer light and fresh from the Pinot Noir can switch over to Chardonnay’s burgundy and citrus-driven flavor. Another great option to Chardonnay is California for its rich and buttery flavors of the vanilla.
  • Savennieres over Italian Reds – Italian red wines such as Barcolo and Chianti offer various styles of red wines. However, switching over to Savennieres is a great way to have during a warm weather. The white grapes are grown at the ripest stage and then fermented in the sun. This gives the wine a distinctive flavor compared to Italy’s other red wines.
  • Portuguese Whites over Malbec – The Malbec is an easy drinking full-bodied wine made of black fruited grapes from Argentina. Many red wine drinkers love this wine and show a huge respect to the grape. However, Portuguese whites are known to offer some of the best white wines. The hot summary weather of Portugal is suitable for some of the white grapes, making it fruity and lasting inside your tongue.

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