Popular Foods to Try in Philippines

While traveling Philippines, you are bound to experience some of the surprising and delicious flavors. From the likes of salad to dessert, there’s something for every foodie. Once you reach land in Philippines, take some time-out from the already beautiful islands and beaches and sit and try out the delicacies with your friends and family members. These are some of the best delicious food to eat during your time in Philippines.


  1. Chicken Adobo – This dish is popular amongst the tourists as well as the locals. The word ‘Adobo’ comes from Spain meaning ‘Marinade = marinate’ where the chicken or pork is marinated comprising of vinegar and soya sauce. Traditionally, this dish was made in clay pots however, it is prepared by using a wok or metal pot along with local spices.
  2. Balut – A weird yet surprising an eye-catching dish in Philippine. The Balut is basically a duck embryo which is boiled and eaten as a snack. The egg is in the developing stage yet it raises the eyebrows when served with vinegar.
  3. KareKare – This is an oxtail stew made with by adding vegetables, onions, garlic and peanut butter. The flavors come together when it is served with calamansi juice (Filipino lime), chilies and shrimp paste called as ‘bagoong’.
  4. Kinilaw – This is a fish salad which is served in its freshest stage. The fish is raw which is then served with a mixture of vinegar, Kalamansi. Although the fish may be raw however, due to the addition of vinegar it makes the fish digestible.

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