The Charm Of 1960s Hats

Hats are such quintessential fashion items. Right from their invention in time immemorial until today, they continue to be fashionable staples, whether as a necessity or an auxiliary. Due to their popularity, theyve been constantly redesigned or remodeled to suit current trends. Some trends get left in their own time and decade. They have become definitive of a particular era, as is the case with 1960s hats.

Fashion is such a flighty thing that it can be bookmarked with timelines. Theres a reason why people dont walk around in pompadour wigs and crinoline petticoats nowadays. Its for fear that they may be mistaken as coming out of time machines or something. However, that doesnt mean that a particular style or look should necessarily be confined in its own timespan.

There are Old Souls hereabouts that prefer to go Vintage, whether as collectors or true blue fashionistas. They prefer the vintage charm and classical vibes of the old school 60s. And the thing is, getting their own Sixties headgear is easier now than before. Not only are there brick and mortar stores, but also online platforms, from where they can buy their own collectors item.

First off, it would do to delineate what Fashion in the Sixties was like. The main point is that its the same as today. The trends were diverse, and they cannot be really pinned down to plain and simple terms. Some historians pinpoint it as an era where a lot of conservative traditions were broken. Liberal social movements were cropping up around that time.

Its not far off from the days wherein women started to parade around in mini skirts paired with their candy colored vinyl boots. Plainly put, it was a periodic advent for haute couture. The hippie movement was on the rise, inspiring outlandish patterns and prints. Designers were becoming more inventive, and certain influencers inspired headgear fashions like the pillbox hat.

A great difference in the decades between the Edwardian years to the Sixties when it comes to hat fashion mostly has to do with the sizes. Earlier in history, hats had really large brims, and thats kind of the norm. Theyre so large, in fact, that they can go well down past the shoulders of the wearer. Thats why they often come with accessories in the form of pins.

Other accessories that usually came with the chapeaus were feather plumes and flowers, no matter if artificial. Obviously, the headpieces came to decrease in size year after year. They fit more snugly on the head and more low down on the face. Also, they became less gaudy and more plain. Perhaps it corresponded with the destitution of the times, as it was evidently a very pivotal time in history.

Following changes usually had to do with the brim, and time after time, they disappeared and then reappeared, or else changed in size. Crowns also became shallower. Veils also became popular accessories together with feathers and flowers. Nearer to the Sixties, hats gradually lost their clout, and it became societally normal for women to leave their houses without them.

The trend of hats is, of course, directly dependent on the decades popular or acceptable hairstyles. During the Sixties, hairstyles were usually full and high. Therefore, youll find that hats in this day and age were usually small and pinned on top of ones head. To a certain extent, they were more decorative than functional. Of course, it wouldnt do to generalize, as there were also large headpieces from the era. Whatever the case, whether genuine or imitation, Sixties hats are definitely and unquestionably Classic.